DTV Audio Group Forum at AES: The Implications of Streamed Content Delivery on the Evolution of Television Audio Services


AES 137, Los Angeles 2014
The Implications of Streamed Content Delivery on the Evolution of Television Audio Services
Friday October 10; 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Content delivery is converging on a streamed model whether for mobile, over the public internet, within the walled garden of the MVPD, or over next generation broadcast services. Virtualized delivery infrastructure for streamed content allows new services to be deployed with very short lead times. The rapidity of this transition to streaming has significantly accelerated the time frame for adoption of advanced object-based audio services offering spatially immersive sound, enhanced personalization, greater bandwidth efficiency and improved audio quality. We are already beginning to see these new features appearing in our homes and mobile devices in the coming months. Our discussions will explore some of the tools and workflow approaches required to manage and exploit the capabilities of next-generation audio standards. We will also takes a look at the convergence around streamed content delivery and transition to IP distribution and contribution that makes this rapid deployment possible.

“The explosive growth in streamed content delivery over mobile and fixed devices, has re-written the playbook for television media distribution. Streaming delivery models are also inexorably finding their way into existing cable services and are being written into next-generation advanced television standards. The migration from traditional broadcasting to a IP stream-based model greatly simplifies implementation, and combined with tablet-empowered UI, frees distributors to pursue a range of formats and encoding solutions with sophisticated interactive and object-oriented audio services,” Roger Charlesworth, Executive Director, DTV Audio Group.

Discussion topics will include:

This Is Not Your Father’s MVPD
A look into how the transition to IP infrastructure and streamed content is transforming cable and how this facilitate advanced audio codecs

So Long SDI and MADI
IP infrastructure for audio and video contribution within the broadcast plant and in the field
Interactivity, Objects, and Spatially Immersive Audio
Mixers and technologist on the migration of object audio from cinema to the small screen and mobile

Object Audio Toolbox
What are the essential monitoring and authoring tools required for object audio production?

It’s All in Your Head
The state of headphone virtualization for immersive audio formats

Program Advisors, Panelist, and Contributors:
Tim Carroll, Chief Technology Officer, Telos Alliance, President and Founder, Liner Acoustic
Roger Charlesworth, Executive Director, DTV Audio Group
David Colantuoni, Senior Director, Broadcast, Storage, and Editor Product Development, Avid
Kevin Collier, Director of Engineering, Post Production, Warner Bros Studio Facilities
Craig Cuttner, Senior Vice President, Technology Development & Standards, HBO
Thomas Edwards, Vice President Engineering and Development, Fox Networks
Michael Englehaupt, Chief Technology Officer, KQED Television
Tino Fibaek, Chief Technical Officer, Fairlight AU
Will Files, Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer, Skywalker Sound
Mark Francisco, Fellow, Premises Technology, Office of the CTO, Comcast
Richard Friedel, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Fox Networks Engineering and Operations
Steve Harvey, West Coast Editor, Pro Sound News
Chris Jenkins, Sound Designer and Re-Recording Mixer
John Kellogg, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy and Development, DTS
Karl Malone, Director of Sound Design at NBC Sports and Olympics
Steve Morris, Director of Engineering, Skywalker Sound
Michael Novitch, Chief Engineer, Technicolor Sound Services
Nathan Oishi, Chief Engineer, Sony Pictures Digital
Sean Richardson, Executive Director and Principal Audio Engineer, Starz Entertainment
Jeffery Riedmiller, Senior Director, Sound Group, Office of the CTO, Dolby Laboratories
Tom Sahara, Turner Sports Vice President, Operations and Technology, Turner Sports
Steve Silva, Vice President of Technology and Strategy, Fox Networks
Jim Starzynski, Director and Principal Audio Engineer, NBCUniversal
Jeff Willis, Coordinating Technical Manager at ESPN

The DTV Audio Group Forum at AES is produced in association with the Sports Video Group and is sponsored by:
Dolby Laboratories
Linear Acoustic

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